Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I watch full episodes online?

Please visit to catch up on past full episodes.

When did The Bold and the Beautiful premiere?

March 23, 1987.

How many episodes have there been so far?

B&B has produced over 6700 episodes. That is approximately 250 episodes per year.

How far in advance does B&B tape its episodes?

B&B tapes shows approximately 3 – 10 weeks in advance of the U.S. airdate. Viewers in other countries may see these same episodes as much as five years later.

May I attend a taping of the show?

The show maintains a “closed set” policy, which rarely permits visitors to view a taping. However, B&B sometimes donates set visits to charities for fundraising. Please check from time to time for available tours.

Does The Bold and the Beautiful have a fan club?

B&B no longer has an official fan club. However, fans can get exclusive information about the show and cast appearances via B&B’s several social networking accounts:
Twitter: @BoldInsider
Instagram: boldandbeautifulcbs